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There are so many simple ways to earn through the internet, before deciding about the mode of earning you have analyzed yourself that is good in writing or good in speaking, or even good in photography and which the area of your interest even if love birds, games, sports, phones, or anything else, You can particularly good income in dollars from it.  If you are good some simplest ways are given below:

If you are a good speaker

Great, there is a good and Big platform for good speakers, do not wait just create an account on Youtube. the opening account on Youtube is simple and free of cost then create a channel on Youtube and then first do some homework, choose the field of your interest. And find some most searched keywords in your field. You can find these words in the Search Engine Journal Website or any other website through a google search. Now it turns to start making a video of your related field and add these keywords in the description of that video. You can also get guidelines by watching the same type of videos of your field on Youtube.  Your target is getting 1,000 subscribers of your channel and get 4,000 hours of viewership within one year.

How to Get 1,000 Subscribers and 4000 Viewers in One Year

You can simply start following and commenting on other videos of your relevant field and keep uploading your videos on your channel. Another way is to share these videos on your Facebook account and WhatsApp groups. And, on your email accounts. It all is depending on the quality of your videos. If you complete this target then it's time to start earning in Dollars through the ads. Simply focus on completing the target. Even any one of your videos can be viral and get your required views and subscribers. Wish you the best of luck.

If You are a Good Writer

There are so many opportunities for good writers in any field. One is Creating an account in Fiverr, Creating own Website.

1.     Create an Account in Fiverr

There is an incredibly famous website with the name of Fiverr, in this website, there are several buyers and sellers of the content you just simply create an account and give the test in the field of your specialty, keep trying and prepare yourself for these tests and once you qualify it than you can create Gig and start earning.

2.     Create Website

This is also a way for good writers of there they can create a simple website in this process some money is involved if you have a budget of around 20,000 PKR than keep reading this section of earning. First, you must buy a domain like a dot com or com dot pk from any company like GoDaddy around in PKR 3,000 only then you need a good programmer to set your website and add it with Search Engine Optimizer and do another programming. He will charge around 10,000 for all. Now it's time to write quality material and some pictures to make your article beautiful but keep in mind your chosen pictures should be plagiarism free or Copywrite free. Some websites provide plagiarism-free pictures like Unsplash. After writing at least 20 articles and making them index on Search Engine Optimizer then it's time to get earnings from your website.  Several companies will include ads on your website and pay you per viewer in USD, the Best company is Google AdSense and the second is Info link. These both companies can pay you for ads, keep in mind your material should be of good quality and unique and your content. And pictures should also be copyright free. Wish you the best of luck.

How to Get viewers and Followers of your website.

Most important is the google search engine console, you should have to do indexing after it you can simply start sharing website links on your Facebook account and WhatsApp groups. and on your email accounts. It all is depending on the quality of your blogs or articles.

How to Earn through Photography

There are so many ways to sell the photos, you can get a good amount of your quality photographs, there are so many online websites to buy them, some of the websites are Alamy, SmugMug Pro, Esty Etc.

These were briefly discussed some ways of online earning, if anyone wants more information or any guidance on the above-mentioned ways of earning can directly email me or call me through this blog. I will try to assistant you and guide you voluntarily.




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