Textile Sector of Pakistan

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The Textile Industry of Pakistan History

The Indus valley civilization was incredibly famous for exporting clothes and other textile products in the overall world. The handmade cotton products were incredibly famous. Pakistan comes in being in 1947, within three years, The Textile sector especially the manufacturing of textile becomes the most powerful part of the whole industry of Pakistan.  This industry has achieved another milestone of its successful journey in 1974. When Pakistan has established an organization, which regulates and facilitates the textile sector with the name of Pakistan Export Corporation (CEC).

The Importance of Textile Sector of Pakistan

The Textile sector of Pakistan is playing the role of oxygen for human beings since the independence of Pakistan. The textile sector was known as the backbone of Pakistan. Pakistan was a well-known textile exporter of the world. Still, Pakistan is a big one of the big textile exporters of Asia, and still, Pakistan is in eighths position of Asian Textile exporters. According to our study and analysis. The exports of this sector are increased up to 3.8 percent. This export is mainly in woolen garments and home textiles. The growth of this section is bigger than the other sectors of Pakistan. More importantly, there is a decline in raw exports such as Yarn and Grey cloth, that good sign of improvement in this sector the exports of finished products is increasing, and the exports of raw materials is reducing. This is also indicating that there is a shortage of production of cotton in Pakistan. The reason is that the producer is getting low returns from their product, which means the formers and landlords. The government is required to provide support to this industry for boosting their economy.

The Current Situation of Textile Industry of Pakistan

The nearby half of the employment is employed in this sector. Pakistan is the largest consumer of cotton in the whole world Pakistan’s position in consuming cotton is stood in third. In Pakistan, there are around 264 textile mills that are registered on Pakistan Stock Exchange. If we take the figures of exports the growth of exports was in 2017-18 were around 704 billion rupees. This sector is facing a shortfall in gas and electricity. The formers are also not receiving proper wages on the production of the cotton crop.

The Proper Attention is Required for This Sector

The government of Pakistan is required to pay special attention to this important sector. The government of Pakistan has previously provided support in the shape of an energy package for the Textile sector to encourage the exports of the country especially to overcome the losses due to COVID 19 but it, not sufficient support more support is required to this sector. The shortage of gas is also affecting badly to this sector. The government should take some measures to control this shortage and find some alternatives to cover this shortage from the country. The government should ensure the availability of Gas and Electricity without any breakdown. These steps will contribute to the rapid growth of this main sector of Pakistan.

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